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Digging Deep

How it started

Drinkin’ Buds Hemp was started for one simple reason – to enjoy a few drinks with buds!

Matt and Justin met while working in Wisconsin’s great agricultural industry. More than one hundred years ago, Wisconsin was a leading producer of hemp with nearly 7,000 acres under cultivation. With that rich history in mind, the boys set out to grow some amazing Hemp. Justin’s property, a once quintessential dairy farm, made the perfect spot.

As Drinkin’ Buds’ name implies, and as any good Wisconsinite knows, the coming together and enjoying a drink after farm-work is done is as important as the growing of crops. And, When it comes to enjoying beverages, nothing says Wisconsin like the unofficial State Drink, the Old Fashioned. Drinkin’ Buds combined Wisconsin traditions and launched Drinkin’ Buds Hemp CBD infused Old Fashioned Mix – an amazing new twist that is sure to impress all of your Drinkin’ Buds.