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Is there THC in your products?

All of our products are THC-Free broad-spectrum”, meaning our products do not contain any amounts of THC. All of our products are federal legal and compliant with the 2018 Farms Bill and are below 0.3% THC. 

Will your products get me “high” or “stoned”?

Drinkin’ Buds Hemp products contain 0.0% THC and are designed to provide relief without any intoxicating effects. However, our products are “Broad-spectrum,” meaning they contain a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Secondly, the term “psychoactive” should not be confused with “intoxicating.” While THC and CBD are psychoactive in the sense that the molecules are active in the brain and work with various neurotransmitters and receptors throughout the body, CBD is NOT intoxicating. THC causes the “high” typically associated with cannabis.

What is the correct dosage?

The right dosage depends on a number of factors (like weight and the severity of the issue), but ultimately it depends on you and your needs. Generally speaking, we recommend starting with 15-45MG of CBD or 1-3 drinks using Drinkin’ Buds CBD Old Fashioned Mix.

Are there side effects of CBD?

The side effects associated with CBD are very few, one being reported is a dry mouth. The other is a potential decrease in your liver’s ability to process other drugs. Therefore, if you take heart medication and add CBD to control blood sugar levels, it’s possible you’re doing more harm than good. Talk with your doctor whether CBD is right for your condition.

Do your products have an expiration date?

Our products generally expire 1 year after purchase. Please refrain from leaving your product in a hot place or in direct sunlight, as this will accelerate the degradation process. Always ensure the lids are closed tightly to keep the product from oxidization.

Purchasing & Shipping

How do you ship?

We ship all of our orders with USPS.

What form of payments do you accept?

We accept all major form of credit cards. We also accept PayPal. We do not accept prepaid cards, checks, cash, or e-checks. 

Do you offer wholesale opportunities?

Yes, we are expanding Drinkin’ Buds products to retail CBD Stores, Liquors stores and local Bars. If  you have a retail storefront and are interested in finding out more, please email: drinkinbudshemp@gmail.com

When will my order ship?

All orders take 48-72 business hours to fulfill and ship. All orders are packaged in sealed glass jars. Orders are shipped in either a bubble envelope or box depending on the size of your order. 

How do i track my order?

When your order ships, you will receive a tracking link via automated email.

What is your return policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL and non-refundable.

How do I let you know if there is a problem with my order?

Please reach out to us as soon as possible and we will make it right. Please use our contact form or email us at drinkinbudshemp@gmail.com