Drinkin’ Buds Hemp is committed to bringing the Best CBD Drinks for your home, restaurant, or favorite Bar. Our Blog post will explore both traditional and non-traditional recipes and ingredients for making our signature CBD Old Fashioned Mix Cocktails.

CBD Drink

The Best CBD Drinks Start with the best Hemp

The Best CBD Drinks Starts with the best Hemp. Drinkin’ Buds CBD Old Fashioned Mix is no exception, and that is exactly what Matt and Justin set out to accomplish. Matt and Justin met working in Wisconsin’s great agricultural industry. More than one hundred years ago, Wisconsin was a leading producer of hemp with nearly 7,000 acres under cultivation. With that rich history in mind, the boys set out to grow some amazing Hemp. Justin’s property that was once a quintessential dairy farm that made the dairy state what it is today, was the perfect spot. With recent changes in state and Federal laws we can offer our Drinkin’ Buds CBD infused mixes legally while we participate in the the Hemp Pilot Research Center.

The Growing Season

Matt and I deep dive our growing season on The Modern Agronomists Podcast. Learn how we started with seed and ended up with some amazing Hemp. 3. Drinkin’ Buds Hemp (podbean.com)

Hemp Field

Harvest Season

We like to say Drinkin’ is better with Buds! We can assure you that Harvest is better with Buds as well. Harvesting our Hemp was a very Labor intensive process. We hand harvested all of our plants. We cut down most plants with a chainsaw (yes there were that big)! Then we would carry them up to our barn to be hung and dried. Once that plants had dried down to the appropriate moisture level, we then hand bucked them, stripping off all of the leaves and buds, and discarding the stems. Start to finish this process took almost two months, but was made much more enjoyable with the help of all of our friends and family.

Harvest Season

Next Steps – The Best CBD Drinks – CBD Old fashioned Mix

We hope you follow along with our blog as we describe how we transition from CBD-Biomass to final product, and how we landed on a our signature mix; a CBD Infused Old Fashioned.